What is The Daisy Difference?

Daisy’s Pet Grooming has only the best dog groomers. We pride ourselves in offering you and your pet the best service and best value in the industry. Our staff strive to be the best in every aspect of the pet grooming experience. We use the highest quality shampoos and conditioners, the best equipment, and have the most modern pet grooming facility to keep your pet looking good and enjoying its visit. Our groomers and staff are at the center of your experience and we ensure your pet is treated as if it was our own.

At Daisy’s the well being of your pet is of paramount importance! Every pet that is placed in our care is treated with the same care we provide to our own animals. We have best dog groomers and other pet groomers for animal grooming. Arriving at the grooming shop can be a stressful time for our furry friends. All of our dog groomers take care of each and every thing in your absence. However, if for any reason our dog groomer and other pet groomers feel that your pet is overly stressed and acting in a way that may cause itself or our staff harm we will cease work and call you right away. Our dog groomers and pet groomers are committed to take utmost care of your pet.

Drive-up grooming
When the pandemic first began, we had to make changes to our operations to ensure we could continue servicing the pets in our community while maintaining the health and safety of everyone involved. One of the ways we did that was to close our lobby to the public. As the Pandemic has slowly faded from people’s minds, we have chosen to keep our lobby closed. Here’s why:

The dogs are a lot calmer – All of the dogs in our care make themselves at home. When new people walk into our shop the dogs bark and get excited. The sharp instruments needed to give great looking haircuts work best when the dogs are calm and not showing off their dancing talents. A calmer environment is safer for your pet, that’s our number 1 priority.

More Space – In case you haven’t noticed Daisy’s is not a large facility. We like the cozy environment and find the dogs like it too, but having the lobby closed allows us just a bit more space to groom and run our daycare service in a safe and effective manner.

What happens with my pet & why does it take so long?
Here at Daisy’s, you pet’s health and safety is our priority. We very rarely can give a time for pickup in advance because we work at your pet’s pace. Unless a pet prefers a kennel, we do not kennel the pets in our care. On a typical visit 4 different people will work with your pet during the bath, drying, grooming, and water/potty breaks. All pets are offered a cushy mat and their own individual water bowl. If you have multiple pets, they stay together. Your pet gets to listen to music during the bath and grooming process, and always gets extra attention from the Daisy’s staff during their visit.

How to Proceed
For all grooming and daycare services please call ahead of time and make an appointment 253-864-6100. When you pull up, we will see you and a member of our staff will greet you outside as soon as possible. Your Groomer will greet you if they are not in the middle of working with a pet. If you would like to speak directly to your groomer don’t hesitate to ask.

Daycare? Aren’t you too small for daycare?
We are a hands-on doggie daycare, not an agility daycare. We offer, on limited availability, the opportunity for your pet to spend the day with us. Here they make new friends of both the K9 and human kind, all while having a great time. Daycare includes lots of hand-on attention, potty breaks, walks (weather permitting), and playing with other pets compatible with yours. Each dogs receives fresh water in its own bowl and treats. You are always welcome to bring a sack lunch for them if you prefer. For the safety of all pets we ask that dogs be up to date on Bordetella inoculations within 2 weeks of their first visit with us.

Daycare runs 8- 5:30 Monday through Saturday. Discounts are available if you book at least 8 appointments in advance.

Payment & Pickup
If you drop off your pet in the morning your pet will be done in the afternoon. If you drop off in the afternoon your pet will be available after 5:30. Daycare closes at 5:30 but grooming appointments can run longer. We work until the last pet looks beautiful. We will call you 15 minutes before your pet is finished. At that time you will have the option of paying via debit and credit card over the phone or in person with cash.

Daisy’s Pet Grooming opened in 2005 to support the pet grooming needs of our community. We are so happy to have earned your trust and business over the years. Although unique, we are confident our process means a safer, less stressful grooming experience for your pet. Thank you for continuing to let us work with your pets and treat them like our own.


The Daisy’s Team

Keeping your pet healthy and clean is our priority. Please ensure all of your pet's vaccinations are up to date and that you wait at least 2 weeks from any Bordetella inoculation before you visit.